Reconnecting to our natural ability to have mental conversations with animals

My workshops are designed to help those who want to use these telepathic skills more consciously and learn to actively tune in to what their minds are able to send and receive without using words, physical signals or any of our physical senses.

Because we all have this innate ability, training ourselves to notice, receive and send is largely about learning to quieten our minds generally and to bypass the often very critical gate-keeper that is our rational mind. We need to be open to the idea that we can receive and send mental messages, and relax with the process. The process of linking in this way involves respect from us and trust from the animal. It is about understanding their wishes and needs. We need to respect that and never use Animal Communication to try to force them to submit to our will. This is very important if tuning into an animal on behalf of another human – the human’s motives and goals need to be carefully explored.


In my one day introductory workshop we cover:

1) Learning how to quieten the mind and tune in to what we are receiving.

2) Getting to know how receiving information from an animal feels for you. It is very individual, and feedback can be in the form of images, thoughts, feelings, words, sounds, smells or physical sensations.

3) Learning how to quieten your rational mind which will be trying to be helpful by suggesting likely answers. This can really get in the way!

4) Tuning up your skills by experiencing many ways of receiving information telepathically (introducing techniques like those of the CIA and other intelligence organisations, which used ‘psychic spying’ to gather information during the Cold War).

5) All this as part of a day constructed around asking questions and getting answers from animals, whose humans will be there to validate your feedback. Validation is a very important part of this work. (Animals will be present via photographs or ‘in person’)

6) All this to build your confidence in your own ability so that you get to know when you are getting real information and can separate it from the suggestions your rational mind will be making

7) Since practice is the key, this workshop is also suitable for anyone who has already done some basic training in Animal Communication

We are all capable of doing all of this. All participants in my past workshops have picked up real information from our animal teachers, which has been validated by their humans.

I am developing an advanced one-day workshop, to further refine skills so that richer, more detailed information can be picked up, and to increase ‘active’ communication skills including health related feedback (please note, if your animal is ill, you must consult a vet).

Attendance at one day workshops is £75. At a maximum of 10 people, the group is small, allowing for a lot of individual attention for each person taking part. I have an ongoing email list so if you would like your name added in order to be informed about future workshops, please get in touch.