Animal Communication is telepathy by another name

Telepathy is defined by the Cambridge Dictionary as “the ability to know what is in someone else’s mind, or to communicate with someone mentally, without using words or other physical signals”. We all have the ability to communicate telepathically and we do it all the time in modern life without realising it. How often have you thought of someone for that person to then call you or email you? How often have you heard the phone ringing and known who is calling before answering?

Animal communication is telepathy with other species. Many of us will recognise the feeling of just knowing or feeling what an animal is experiencing. We are all actually constantly in telepathic communication with other humans and animals (particularly with the people and pets we are close to) – we just don’t notice or realise it most of the time. That is partly because the subtle signals are drowned out by the noise of our busy lives and minds, and partly because we are discouraged, as we grow up, from believing in such things. As a result, we tend to ‘forget’ the simple, direct, loving and non-judgmental communion we may have had with our pets as young children.

It is very likely that our innate abilities to communicate mind to mind have been passed down via natural selection from the earliest evolution of our species, where they would have been highly useful for survival (e.g. picking up messages of danger from other members of the tribe). The Biologist Rupert Sheldrake, author of the book Dogs That Know When Their Owners Are Coming Home has researched telepathy extensively (with both people and animals), and sees it “ …as a normal, rather than a paranormal phenomenon, an aspect of communication between members of animal social groups. I see psychic phenomena as an extension of biology, which is why I, as a biologist, am interested in them”. (see:

Most of us don’t notice, ignore or dismiss our own telepathic abilities when they are in action, or put them down to coincidence when our presentiments are proved right. We have so many ways of communicating now, that we don’t need to rely on telepathy any more.

Most of us therefore experience our telepathic abilities unconsciously and passively, occasionally noticing them when we ‘pick something up’, whether from an animal or another human being. It is however possible to train ourselves to use this skill consciously and actively, by re-learning how to tune in to the way our minds can send and receive messages to another living being. We can then get back in touch with something that – in Rupert Sheldrake’s terms – has always been a vital part of our own biology as a species.

After training with Amelia Kinkade, I worked for a while as a communicator for clients all over the world. Currently I am putting my energy into workshops to teach people how to tune in to their own abilities to communicate telepathically with animals, and do not offer readings at this point in time.