Animals respond powerfully to healing energy

Animals have problems, too, which can be physical, emotional and spiritual. They are usually very sensitive to what is going on in the environment around them, and will be affected by changes in energy. Healing works over any distance, so the animal does not have to be present for healing to reach them. You can leave the animal where it is, and simply bring or send a photograph. Healing can be safely sent to all types, and all sizes of animal from hamsters to horses. Healing animals is very close to my heart, as they have to live with the result of the decisions of others, and healing is an opportunity for them to get what they need.

Animals have a natural and open response to healing energy. They respond instinctively and without reservation, which helps to demonstrate how natural the healing process is. Distant or absent healing offers a practical way to bring healing to animals (and humans) anywhere in the world. Sending healing energy from a distance using a photograph can be very effective.

Research studies have explored the power of healing and of directed intention as well as prayer (see the books Spiritual Healing: A Scientific Validation of a Healing Revolution, by Daniel J Benor MD 2001, and The Energy Healing Experiments: Science Reveals our Natural Power to Heal, by Dr Gary E Schwartz, 2008). I am a registered Spiritual Healer and former trainer in healing to national standards. I often combine distant spiritual healing with bioresonance healing. If spiritual healing is the most ancient form of energy healing, then bioresonance is perhaps the most modern, allowing specific energy frequencies to be transmitted via computer software to support and balance the system.

I recommend a combined week-long programme of daily spiritual healing and bioresonance at £70 per animal per week. Energy is sent every day. Contact me to find out more.


No specific outcome can be promised with spiritual healing, but in my experience positive benefits usually follow.